• Jan 13 , 2022 How to Choose the Label Material of Cosmetics?
    With the gradual improvement of people's consumption level, the demand for cosmetics is increasing due to women's beauty-loving nature. But there are so many types of cosmetics on the market, and many have labels that are perfect from the materials used to the technology. So, how do we choose suitable cosmetic label materials for customers according to their product conditions? The commonly used f...
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  • Jan 13 , 2022 What Anti-counterfeiting Technology is Suitable for Customized Anti-counterfeiting Labels in the Wine Industry
    1. Analysis of the status quo of the label customization market. The obvious difference in price of alcoholic products sold in the market, the phenomenon of fake and shoddy products has seriously disrupted the market, coupled with the diversification of distribution forms, cross-regional vicious fakes and other problems have hindered the development of enterprises. These problems directly lead to ...
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  • Aug 14 , 2021 Happy Chinese Valentine's Day ! Small Label, Big World, Let's keep trying together !
    Th There is a feeling of mutual encouragement and mutual encouragement to advance and retreat together. There is a kind of motivation, which is to forge ahead with each other! I remember the scene when I joined Zhengxinyuan (the big family)! As if yesterday, inadvertently I joined the zhengXinyuan has been two years. Shenzhen ZhengXinYuan Industry Co., Ltd is always dedicated to design and manufac...
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  • Apr 28 , 2021 Where to use Self-adhesive Labels, We will Take You to Explore the use of Self-adhesive Stickers
    Maybe you don’t know much about where the stickers are used. In fact, as a product that is often used in our lives, its role is not small. Here we have also organized some related content of everyone. Introduction, if you want to know where it is often used, you must read the following article. Classification: Which label and film label are the tear-off material labels divided into? 1. Happy label...
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  • Apr 28 , 2021 Pay Attention to the Following Four Points in the Storage Environment of Self-adhesive Labels
    There are actually many aspects of the storage environment for self-adhesive labels that need to be paid attention to. Maybe you don’t know much about it, so you don’t know much about this aspect of knowledge. Here, I can give you a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge points. , If you are more interested, you can take a look. 1. If the storage temperature of the label in winter is lower t...
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