• Your Project is More Suitable for Vinyl or Sticker Paper
    If you want to make your own stickers , one thing you'll need is sticker paper . There are TONS of different sticker papers . And you probably have lots of the same questions that I did . Should you get glossy or matte ? what is the difference between printable vinyl or sticker paper ? Which sticker papers make your stickers waterproof ? To make long-lasting quality stickers , It's important to ch...
  • Take You to Decompose the Self-adhesive Label Layer by Layer
    Labels are used almost universally , from the home to schools and from retail to manufacturing of products and big industry , people and businesses around the world make use of self-adhesive labels every day . But what are self-adhesive labels , and how do different types of product designs help to optimise performance based on the industry and environment that they are intended for use in ? Label...
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Heat Transfer Press Work
    Customized t-shirt making via heat transfer press machines has become incredibly common in the last decade or so. It’s also a fairly versatile technology, as it can also be used to create custom mugs, plates, umbrellas, mousepads, and jigsaw puzzles. What exactly is a heat transfer press machine and how does it work? How does a heat transfer press work? The objective of a heat transfer press is to...

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