What Anti-counterfeiting Technology is Suitable for Customized Anti-counterfeiting Labels in the Wine Industry

Jan 13 , 2022

1. Analysis of the status quo of the label customization market.

The obvious difference in price of alcoholic products sold in the market, the phenomenon of fake and shoddy products has seriously disrupted the market, coupled with the diversification of distribution forms, cross-regional vicious fakes and other problems have hindered the development of enterprises. These problems directly lead to the brand image of enterprises and the distrust of consumers. These problems require enterprises to pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting labels of alcohol.

2. The anti-counterfeiting value of alcoholic products.

  1. It reflects the standardization of the enterprise, so that consumers can buy with confidence, use it with peace of mind, and bring a better market reputation to the enterprise.
  2. When consumers buy products, they can check the authenticity through telephone, website, SMS, WeChat, etc., so as to eliminate consumers' worries.
  3. Through the QR code anti-counterfeiting technology, "one product, one code" is realized, which increases the cost of counterfeiting and effectively resists counterfeiting. The current design principle of the anti-counterfeiting solution for wine products is mainly designed for the phenomenon that counterfeiters recycle wine bottles. Most use the technology of destroying the original wine, but the design angle. The grades are different.

Anti-counterfeiting Wine Labels

3. Anti-counterfeiting countermeasures for alcoholic products.

The development of anti-counterfeiting technology in the future will mainly focus on the difficulty of counterfeiting after the wine bottle is destroyed and the adaptability of wine market development to counterfeit and inferior products. Anti-counterfeiting technology is not only anti-counterfeiting technology, but also an important part of wine brand image maintenance.

Authentic anti-counterfeiting technology prepared according to the different needs of enterprises, develop anti-counterfeiting, logistics, information flow synchronization and other functions, ensure the timely and accurate data, and make it easier and faster for consumers to check the authenticity.


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